The Benefits of a Wedding Magician

This week's guest blog comes from one of my recommended suppliers Nick Brown. Nick is a fantastic magician who never ceases to amaze me with his tricks. If you haven't considered a magician to entertain your wedding guests, why not take read below to find out the benefits of investing in a magician for your big day! 

I attend many wedding fairs and venue open days to promote my services as a wedding magician. When I meet people at these events I get a number of different comments and observations. Some people have no idea why you’re there and can’t immediately see any connection between weddings and magicians. It’s not like you’re offering a cake or a dress or a vintage car or flowers, or any of the other wedding ‘essentials’.

For those brides and grooms that stop to chat (or even to see some close up magic) the usual broad question is ‘so how does this work at a wedding’?

The first thing I explain is that close up magic is quite simply a form of entertainment. They will undoubtedly have it in mind that they will provide some entertainment for their guests on their wedding day and may have thought of some of the more obvious things such as music (guitarist, pianist, harpist, singing waiters etc), or something more personal like a caricaturist.

The next question is usually ‘so when do you do this’ (on a wedding day)? The answer to that is, quite simply, whenever you decide it best fits into your day. However, from experience I can tell them that there are three clear sections of the wedding day when this can work best.

essex magician

Firstly (and probably the most popular) is after the wedding ceremony and prior to the wedding breakfast. This period is usually one to two hours and very often the bride and groom, ushers, bridesmaids and close family members are often involved in official photographs and their guests are usually enjoying a drinks reception. At this point guests often stick in small groups with the few people they know best. A magician can travel around the groups, often bringing small groups together, and provide six or seven minutes of fun, humour and amazement. I always try to include some magic with objects that I borrow from members of the group such as bank notes, coins & rings. I can usually cover 120 guests in 2 hours and everybody gets to see some magic. It provides something memorable and creates a talking point.

The second option is to provide magic at the tables during the wedding breakfast. At first this sounds potentially intrusive but, when done properly, it can be a brilliant addition to a wedding day. An experienced magician will start by speaking to the catering team and getting an understanding of the order in which tables will be served food. That way they can establish which tables have some waiting time to fill with some entertainment and they can avoid bumping into the serving staff. The magician will not approach a table when they are eating and will be sensitive to breaks for speeches and presentations. The reaction from the tables receiving the magic can create an atmosphere of fun and anticipation. Finally, a special performance is reserved for the top table.

The final section to consider some magical entertainment is immediately after the wedding breakfast. Guests usually vacate the room of the wedding breakfast to enable a room turnaround and once again have some time on their hands. Some wedding days are quite long and at this point some guests may be in need of some entertainment in order to avoid a lull. Magic at this point keeps the party going and can often drift into the time of day when evening guests are arriving and they too will get to see some magic.

I ensure that my service is very flexible and I offer packages of one to three hours with half hour jumps. This keeps things flexible and affordable and enables the bride and groom to be very specific with what they want and when they want it.

There are a few other things miscellaneous things which I always do. I arrive half an hour ahead of the agreed start time in order to check out the venue and to prepare. I always dress as though I am a wedding guest. I prefer to blend into the crowd rather than seek to stand out from it. I also get the photographer to get a few photos of the audience enjoying and reacting to the magic. These are always happy smiling photographs which create good memories.

Magic is not everyone’s cup of tea but, in my experience, it is always very well received at weddings. It creates an atmosphere of fun and amazement and helps to make the day even more memorable for guests.

I can testify that Nick is highly entertaining and professional and would make a great addition to your wedding day.

To contact Nick you can email or call 07955 184936 and his website (with lots of clips, pics and testimonials) can be viewed at

Have a great week. 




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Part 4 of a series of blog posts exploring what essential pieces of kit I keep in my bag and how each item helps to make you look great in your photos.

Sometimes – despite all the planning and preparation in the world - things can go wrong and a camera can malfunction, get dropped or become damaged during a shoot. That’s why it’s important to carry a back-up at all times.

The Canon 7D is never far away in my kit bag; ready and waiting to step-in should my 5D fail on me (touch wood this hasn’t happened yet). However, the 7D is far from just a back-up camera as it has some really great features of its own and in some areas even outshines my main camera.

Here are few reasons why the 7D can handle anything during our photoshoot;

Awesome Focussing

The 7D is far superior when it comes to focussing for actions shots as it has a wide range of focus settings to choose from. It produces sharp shots of fleeting moments that can be missed in the blink of an eye.

Custom Functions

As with the 5D, I can assign particular functions to a range of controls on the 7D and so this means I can easily switch from one camera body to the other and shoot just as quickly and comfortably with each camera.


With a slightly smaller sensor than the 5D, my 7D is lightweight and easy to handhold which means I can happily lug it around on a shoot whether around my neck when in use or tucked up safely in my kit bag.

Multi-lens Compatibility 

You may have already read my previous blog post in this series all about my different lenses and how they help me get great shots during our shoots. These lenses work just as effectively with my 7D as they do with the 5D. So whatever camera body is in use, we can still get a diverse variety of images and show off all your best features.

What this means for you.

Peace of mind. Knowing that I have a back-up camera means you don’t have to worry that your shoot will be cancelled last minute or end prematurely due to kit failure.  It also means high quality images are guaranteed regardless of which piece of kit I use.

So if you’re looking for a relaxed and fun-filled family photo shoot or are on the hunt for a reliable wedding photographer, please do get in touch. I’d love to use my skills and my ever-growing kit bag to help you and your loved ones to look great!

Have great week.

07590 520539's in the bag - Part 3 - Memory Cards and Batteries

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We've looked at the camera, we've looked at the lenses and this week we're looking at two small but crucial contents of my camera bag - memory cards and batteries. 

Memory Cards

 A little worn on the outside but made of high quality components and ultra-reliable. 

A little worn on the outside but made of high quality components and ultra-reliable. 

The memory cards that I use are known as Compact Flash Cards. I use two makes; SanDisk and Lexar. Both makes are high-quality professional memory cards that are known for durability and speed. They are shock and vibration resistant and can cope in both hot and cold temperature extremes. They allow me to shoot lots of fast moving objects in quick successful when needed without freezing-up the camera or missing the shot.

Memory cards come in a range of storage sizes – during a shoot I use several 8GB or 16GB cards instead of a single card with larger storage capabilities so that in the unlikely event of the card becoming damaged, not all of the images are lost.

What this means for you

Having a range of high quality memory cards with me on all shoots means that we can take time for you to relax in front of the camera and try lots of different poses without worrying about running out of memory. They also enable me to capture even the most fleeting of moments as they are quick to store each image and be ready for the next shot.  

 My memory cards are so speedy every precious moment is captured for you to enjoy time and time again. 

My memory cards are so speedy every precious moment is captured for you to enjoy time and time again. 


 Just a couple of my long-lasting and rechargeable batteries. 

Just a couple of my long-lasting and rechargeable batteries. 

My camera batteries are long-lasting but also fully rechargeable.  Rarely – if ever - have I needed to change a dead battery mid-way through a shoot. Should this be necessary I always carry at least 3 other spare batteries on me at all times. I also carry one of my battery chargers with me just in case.

Like the memory cards, the batteries perform just as well in extreme temperatures and are reliable in all conditions and environments – including when shooting in continuous mode for action shots. 

What this means for you

Whether your wedding is a summer scorcher or set in a winter wonderland, my camera's batteries will perform perfectly and won't restrict the length of our shoot or my coverage of your big day. Indoors, outdoors, summer or winter - it will be us who are worn out long before my camera's batteries!

 My camera's batteries will last until the very last moments of a wedding...will you?

My camera's batteries will last until the very last moments of a wedding...will you?

Hopefully you now understand a little bit more about what my memory cards and batteries do and how they provide peace of mind during a shoot. You can be assured that we have every eventuality covered on a shoot - be that a family portrait session or a wedding. For even more reassurance, look out for my next post in the series - all about my back-up camera. 

If you now feel that your memories are in safe hands with me and would like to contact me to book a family shoot or wedding coverage please do get in touch. I really would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading - have a great week.


07590 520539