How to dress for your family photoshoot

How you dress on your family photoshoot can have a massive impact on the the look and feel of the images, but choosing the right outfits doesn't need to be stressful or complicated. 

Below are some simple tips for making sure you look awesome in your family photo shoot...




Wear something comfortable - shoes and clothes that pinch or restrict movement are going to result in strained expressions and a quick loss of patience in both adults and children (remember we are here to have a fun time as well as get some great shots). 

Bring a few spares items - muddy puddles are great fun and look awesome in photos but I tend to save shots like this to the end so that everyone looks relatively clean and tidy at the beginning of the shoot. However, children have Olympian-like skills in getting messy very quickly, so a spare top may be a saving grace! 

Dress for the weather and the location - the British weather is gloriously unpredictable and although my photoshoots are outdoors on location, we can work through a range of weather situations if you are dressed and prepared for it. Bright hats and coats can look striking in photos so don't be afraid to cover-up if it's a little grim out there! 

Think about where you will display your images - I love nothing more than seeing my clients' photos on display in their homes and these always look ten times more awesome when the colours in the photos work together with existing colour schemes in the home. A little forethought can really help you to keep up with the Joneses!




Dress like lemmings - dress in tones and styles that compliment one another (for example jeans and a bright top) but absolutely identical outfits for adults and children alike look just a tad creepy! You are all individuals so reflect that whilst showing some uniformity.

Wear black - yes it's slimming, yes it goes with everything but no it does not make for striking images! There is very little us photographers can do to make black items of clothing pop out from the image and there are few (if any) locations where black is the only colour that will compliment the surroundings. 

Wear branded items - there are a couple of reasons why wearing branded clothing doesn't work well in images. Firstly, it can detract from faces and expressions and look more like an advert for the clothes themselves. Secondly, brands and logos go in and out of fashion very quickly. As a result, your modern and funky portrait may look old and dated far too soon. Simple clothing with plain blocks of colour look more timeless. 

Worry about looking absolutely perfect - I understand you want to look your best for your photoshoot and I will work closely with you to get images that you love. However, this isn't a Vogue cover shoot. It's about family time, natural laughs and making memories. You will look your best when you are relaxed, having fun and spending time with the ones you love, not when you are worried about re-applying your make-up or re-styling your hair constantly. Relax - you look perfect as you are. 

So there you have it. You now know all the secrets for rocking your family portrait session. 

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I can't wait to hear from you. 


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