Your Pre-wedding Shoot Guide Part 2 - How to make the most of the shoot

Hopefully, those of you reluctant to book your pre-wedding shoot have been reassured by my previous post outlining many of the benefits of these sessions. In this second blog post on pre-wedding shoots, I am going to highlight some of the ways in which you can make the most of the session and reap some of those afore-mentioned benefits. 

Read on to find out what you can both do to have an incredibly fun and fantastic pre-wedding shoot. 

1.     Remember that the pressure is off!

There is absolutely no pressure or expectation from me for you to magically transform into an experienced model and strike hundreds of dynamic poses as soon I take the lens cap off. Therefore, please do not put pressure on yourself to get everything right first time during the shoot either. This shoot is designed to be relaxed and informal and there is no need to worry about anything on the day.

2.     Ask Questions

My favourite phrases that I love to hear during a pre-wedding shoot are “I don’t quite understand that” “Can you repeat that?” and “Am I doing this right?”

Hearing these questions mean that you feel comfortable enough be honest and open which is awesome. You can ask me to explain or demonstrate something time and time again and I absolutely do not mind.

Also, please ask any questions relating to photography on your big day too. Although I’m a man, I’m getting pretty good at multi-tasking and can shoot and talk at the same time now! Progress!

3.     Wear similar styles

I have absolutely no problem with you wearing whatever you want to on your shoot as long as it isn’t all black (makes for dull images) or uncomfortable. What I do suggest is that you and your fiancé dress in a way that compliments each other. You may have individual styles which is awesome and I’m all for promoting individuality. However, if one of you dresses for the opera and the other dresses for the allotment, it may look a little odd!  

4.     Bring Ideas

Your input is really important to me – from the setting and scene of the pre-shoot to the poses and shots taken, you have as much say as I do. If there is a hobby or activity that you both enjoy together then we can incorporate this – that might be walking the dog, cycling or being down at the stables. You might even want a shoot based around chilling at home. I’m open to all ideas.  I will of course take a lead during the session and will offer a professional opinion of what will work, but please do not feel that I am “in charge” – I am here to work alongside you.

Saying that, you are more than welcome to leave the ideas to me – again there is no pressure for you to be part of the creative process if you do not wish to be. 

5.     Be willing to try new things

As I have said before, I am not here to make you look or feel silly in your photos. However, please do trust me when I ask you try different poses. Sometimes to look good in photos we might have to stand or pose in a way that feels at odds to how we would naturally position ourselves in “real life”. My aim is for you to have fun and have beautiful photographs taken. Be open-minded, and trust that everything I suggest and advise is to help you look amazing.

So whether it's your questions and suggestions, your minds being open or your coordinated outfits being chosen, your input is key and important to me. (I know - I should be a poet right?)! Relax, be yourselves and let's create some amazing photos. 

Until next time...


P.S. If you have any other ideas for making the most of the pre-wedding shoot, please add a comment!

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