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“Ross - each time I look through our photos, I notice another detail I hadn’t seen the time before! (It’s making it so hard to pick out the photos for the album!) You captured our day so well. Thank you!” - Ewan & Greg


As a gay man, I love being a photographer in a time when love between two members of the LGBTQ+ community is legally recognised and increasingly viewed as a truly beautiful thing.

I hope that in no time at all, LGBTQ+ weddings will be known simply as “weddings” and that the need to differentiate when talking about an LGBTQ+ wedding will become obsolete. However, I understand that currently there are still some challenges facing LGBTQ+ couples planning a wedding in what is still a very straight-orientated industry. 

Of course, having a wedding photographer who is gay themselves is not essential, but it does ensure that you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are 100% comfortable with public displays of affection and are passionate about documenting the biggest day of your life without any judgement or making certain assumptions about what is or isn't important to you. 

So if you would like your wedding day captured;

  • by a gay photographer that believes that your wedding day should be as unique and as individual as you are

  • naturally, in a manner that perfectly encapsulates your personalities and relationship

  • without the arrogance and ego of a photographer who makes the day all about them

  • in a stress-free, fun-filled way that incorporates your ideas and eliminates feelings of nerves and awkwardness

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Proud to be part of the inclusive community at

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