Choosing a photographer – whether for your wedding or family photoshoot - can be a difficult decision, with many factors influencing your choice; from their style to their location and personality.

However, there are also lots of things people forget to think about when choosing a photographer – small details that can offer you great peace of mind.  Below I have listed a few details about me and how I work, to provide assurance that when you book Ross Willsher Photography you get the quality of service you deserve.

1.     DBS Clearance

Having worked for many years with children with special educational needs, I understand the importance of ensuring that all children are not in contact with anyone who puts their wellbeing at risk.  You can be relieved to know that I have a fully enhanced DBS clearance and follow Safeguarding procedures at all times.  

2.     Insurance / Indemnity

My equipment is insured and I have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover should the worst happen during a shoot. Whilst it is unpleasant to think the worst, it is important that all photographers are prepared for every eventuality and with cover from an industry-specific provider I have necessary legal protection in place.

3.     Back up camera

Again, we don’t like to think of things going wrong, but should my trusty camera fail, I have a back-up camera on hand at all times to ensure the shoot can continue swiftly. I also carry with me; spare memory cards, batteries and my battery charger so we have a back-up if necessary.

4.     You can meet me at home

Whilst I am happy to meet with clients in their own homes or in a mutually convenient location, I am also more than happy for you to come to my home and meet me there. It’s an opportunity for you to find out more about me and gives you a little reassurance that I’m not going to run off with your money never to be seen again!

5.     Knowing other photographers

There are some photographers who do not like to network with others in the profession as they see them as competition. That’s not me at all. I know a vast range of photographers in the area, which means that if I cannot provide what you are looking for, I probably know someone who can. It also means that should I be unwell on the day of a booking, I have several people I can call on to take my place.

6.     Qualifications

Many photographers are self-taught and are absolutely fantastic as a result. However, I deliberately embarked on 3 years of study prior to setting up my business as I knew it would enable me to provide quality and consistency to all my clients. Having professional feedback and critique really helped me to hone my technical ability and develop my creative ideas, whilst undertaking projects enabled me to study some of the great iconic photographers and learn from them. As a result, I now approach every shoot with a range of ideas and skills that help me to craft images that you will treasure forever.  

I hope that - even if you hadn't considered some of these factors - this provides you with a little more peace of mind that by booking me for your shoot, you are guaranteed a high-quality and professional service at all times.  If you still have any questions or to make a booking, simply get in touch via the contact form below.


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