How to have a wedding as individual as you are


"This is a must read for any engaged couples who are feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of wedding planning."

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"Ross has a way of writing that immediately makes you warm to him. He has an insight to what makes us truly human, with all our anxieties and needs, and makes it seem very achievable for us to be our true selves. A must read!"

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I'm delighted that my brand new book How to have a wedding as individual as you are is now published and available to buy on Amazon. I wrote this book because I found that many of my couples were either; stressed rather than excited about their big day, feeling pressure to conform to someone else's idea of the perfect wedding, and / or frustrated at the lack of diversity in the wedding industry.  You can read an excerpt from the press release below. 

Despite relationships taking many forms, the wedding industry can still at times portray a very narrow depiction of what love looks like. In “How to have a wedding as individual as you are”, gay wedding photographer Ross Willsher guides you through the exciting (yet often stressful) process of planning a wedding and gently advises you how to:

·      make decisions based on individual values and priorities

·      celebrate all the characteristics that make us unique but not simply be different for the sake of it

·      identify vendors who share your values and understand your story

·      minimise feelings of wedding-related stress

·      choose a photographer that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and perfectly captures the beauty of your love.

Having himself struggled with self-acceptance and feelings of alienation during his early life, Ross is a now a wedding photographer passionate about celebrating love in all of its forms and embracing the individuality of the couples he works with. In this, his first publication, Ross is proud to spread the message that simply being true to yourself is the key to not only a perfect wedding, but a wonderful married life together. 

"This book was a delight to read! Written by an author who is passionate about helping couples enjoy their special day, Ross's values are evident throughout the book. A must have for any couple looking for inspiration and guidance in their quest for a stress free, relaxed and joyful wedding!"

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You can grab your copy of my new book on Amazon by clicking below. Alternatively click HERE to contact me for a signed copy.